Personal Papers

Note: These are collections of personal papers of students, members, and staff of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Clifford Ashby
Frank C. Babbitt
Francis H. Bacon
George Fletcher Bass
Samuel Eliot Bassett
Sara C. Bisel
Carl W. Blegen
Elizabeth Pierce Blegen
Kate Biddle More
Patricia Neils Boulter
Charles W. Bradley
Oscar Broneer
Theodore A. Buenger
Minnie Bunker
Lacey D. Caskey
David H. Conwell
Frederick A. Cooper
Lloyd Cotsen
Jack L. Davis
Muriel Dimen
Dinsmoor Family
John J. Dobbins
Martin and Benjamin D'Ooge
Sterling Dow
Alfred Emerson
Ruth Emerson Fletcher
Harold N. Fowler
Virginia R. Grace
Hazel D. Hansen
James Penrose Harland
John G. Hawthorne
Theodore Woolsey Heermance
William P. Henry
Bert H. Hill
Ida Thallon Hill
Richard H. Howland
Mary F. Hutchinson
George L. Huxley
Sally A. Immerwahr
George and Denise Kallipolitis-Feytmans
John H. Kent
Donald R. Laing
Wallace E. McLeod
Harriet and Carol Mattusch
Lucy Shoe Meritt
Lydia Murray Moss
Wilson and Eleanor Myers
Charles and Janet Morgan
George Mylonas
Gustav Oberlaender
David F. Ogden
James H. Oliver
Arthur W. Parsons
Georg von Peschke
Robert L. Pounder
Nellie M. Reed
Charles A. Robinson Jr.
Curtis Runnels
H. Alan Shapiro
Joseph W. Shaw
Alexander H. G. Schulz
Gertrude E. Smith
Jerome W. Sperling
Doreen Canaday Spitzer
Gorham P. Stevens
Robert F. Sutton
Alice-Mary Talbot
William D. Taylour
Homer A. Thompson
Dorothy Burr Thompson
Alan J. B. Wace
Saul and Gladys Weinberg
John W. White
A. Winsor Weld
Charles H. Weller
Martha Heath Wiencke
Herbert Wing
Nancy A. Winter