Summer Session

Summer Session

Six-week intensive introduction to Greece from antiquity through the modern period. The program provides the most extensive exposure to Greece, ancient and modern, for participants with interests in Classics and related fields. A strong academic component with participants researching and presenting topics on site.  Offers unique opportunities to interact with eminent archaeologists in the field.

Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar

Eighteen-day sessions designed for those who wish to study specific topics in Greece and visit major monuments with exceptional scholars as study leaders, and to improve their understanding of the country’s landscape, history, literature, and culture. Choose one, or both(!), seminars - seminar topics change every summer. 

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Summer 2022 Seminars

The 2022 Summer Seminars will be "Aegean Networks of Technology" (led by Eleni Hasaki) and "The Northern Aegean: Macedon and Thrace" (led my Amalia Avramidou and Denise Demetriou). 

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Summer 2023 Seminars

The next new set of seminars (offered in summer 2023) will be "Locating Ancient Gender and Sexuality" (led by Kate Gilhuly and Bryan Burns) and "The Archaeology of Caves in Greece: Cult and Life through the Ages" (led by Amy and Nassos Papalexandrou). 

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