Undergraduate Readership

Visiting Undergraduate Reader

The ASCSA is undertaking a three-year pilot program creating a category of Visiting Undergraduate Reader (VUR) for undergraduate students from Cooperating Institutions. This status shall provide limited-term, daytime access to the School’s libraries and archives.

To be considered for Visiting Undergraduate Readership, the student will submit an online application to the Director of the School for VUR status. Supporting material shall include a CV, a statement of the project to be pursued, and a letter of support from a faculty member of the student’s institution (to be submitted online). You can link to the online application form here.

The term of Readership shall be two months (renewable upon re-application to the Director). There is no cost to the students for VUR.

Visiting Undergraduate Readers do not have full membership rights. They may use the libraries and archives during visiting hours. They are not granted keys to the building for after-hours access and they are not eligible for a museum pass.

If you have questions about VUR, please email the Programs Department at application@ascsa.org.

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