Antiquities Collection

It is a teaching collection that consists of 1,782 archaeological objects, about 2,200 coins, and 24,720 pottery sherds collected by ASCSA students during field trips before WW II. The collection was registered with the Ministry of Culture in 1999 (απόφαση ΥΠΠΟ/ΑΡΧ/Α2/Φ25/17214/1112/3103-99).


All materials used by man to make objects, both utilitarian and decorative in nature, are represented in the Collection: terracotta, stone, bone, glass and metal. The most numerous are the sherds, fragments of ceramic vessels of all types for domestic, industrial and funerary use. Also in the ceramic category are figurines, loomweights, roof tiles and other architectural terracottas.We have a large selection of obsidian and flint, both implements and debitage, as well as tools of ground stone. Larger works of art in stone include grave stelae, pieces of statuary, and architecture. Our large numismatic collection (ca. 2,200 coins) includes all periods until the medieval times.

A selection of the pottery from the collections of the ASCSA and the British School at Athens (BSA) was published in 1994. (Oakley, J. H. et al., Athenian Potters and Painters. Catalogue of the Exhibit. December 1, 1994 - March1, 1995, Athens 1994.)

The sherd collection has been organized geographically.

A          Attica
B          Boeotia
C          Euboia
D          Phocis/Phthiotis
E          Locris
F          Aitolia
G         Akarnania
I           Epirus
J          Thessaly
K          Macedonia
L          Megarid
M         Corinthia
N         Argolid
O         Laconia
P         Messenia
Q         Elis
S         Arcadia
T         Ionian Islands
U         Crete
V         Aegean Islands/Saronic Gulf Islands
W        Anatollia
X         Egypt, Jordan
Y         Magna Graecia
Z         Cyprus

Note: An abbreviated PDF version of the catalog is available here.


The Antiquities Collection is open and available for access to the researchers. The importance of the Collection cannot be overstated. There are few places in the world so well endowed where scholars can have easy and convenient access to ancient Greek material of such wide variety. Because the material comes from all the ancient sites in the country and from all periods of antiquity, one can study it from a number of different perspectives, both chronological and geographical. The Antiquities Collection at the American School is one of the few places where students can get hands-on experience of ancient material.

Preservation and Care 

The Antiquities Collection has all been catalogued and entered into a database format by the former Archivist, Dr. Carol Zerner. The objects are displayed in steel vitrines, while the sherds are stored in small boxes within steel cabinets with baked enamel finish. A number of objects have been conserved professionally.

Publications Referring 

A considerable number of objects from the Antiquities Collection have appeared in scholarly publications, a selection of which is given below. Moreover, in 1994, a selection of pottery was displayed in the Basil Room of the Gennadius Library, to supplement a conference, titled Athenian Potters and Painters. A catalogue of the exhibit was published (Oakley, J. [ed.] Athenian Potters and Painters. Catalogue of the Exhibit. December 1, 1994 - March 1, 1995, Athens 1994).

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