Conservation Department

The Conservation Department is responsible for the cleaning, reconstruction and restoration of artifacts from the annual excavation, and for the care of the collection housed in the Stoa of Attalos. Conservation respects the integrity of the object by using reversible treatments and materials, i.e. those that may be undone or removed in the future.

The conservation laboratory is run by conservator Maria Tziotziou, who is employed year round. Conservation student interns from around the world often join the lab for shorter or longer periods of time throughout the year to get hands-on experience and practical conservation training as part of their graduate-level degree requirements of their various universities.

Each summer, during the excavation season, the Conservation Department runs an internship program consisting of two conservation student internships. The internships give students an opportunity to treat freshly excavated archaeological finds and to participate in an active on-site conservation laboratory. Interns are also introduced to the re-treatment, preventive and long-term care of archaeological collections. Students in graduate level university programs may apply for internships by submitting an online application.

Deadline December 20, 2019.

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