Affiliated Research

A wide range of archaeological investigation in the Corinthia is currently pursued by many international teams.  Please alert us if we have missed anyone!

Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ancient Corinth
Corinth Computer Project (David G. Romano, Director)
Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (Timothy Gregory and Daniel Pullen, Co-Directors)
University of Chicago Excavations at Isthmia (Elizabeth Gebhard, Director)
Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia (Timothy Gregory, Director)
The Nemea Valley Archaeological Project Archaeological Survey (John F. Cherry, Jack L. Davis, and Eleni Mantzourani, Co-directors)
UC Berkeley Excavations at Nemea (Kim Shelton, Director)
Sikyon Survey Project (Yannis Lolos, Director)
Kenchreai Cemetery Project (Joseph Rife, Director)
Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project (Daniel Pullen and Thomas Tartaron, Co-directors)
Greek Architecture Project at Corinth (Robin F. Rhodes, director)
Canadian sponsored excavation of Mycenaean tombs at Ayia Sotira, Nemea (Angus Smith, Evangelia Pappi, and James Wright, Co-directors)
German excavations at the acropolis of Kleonai (Dr. Torston Mattern, Director)

Kostis Korelis’ Blogspot- “Buildings, Objects, Situations” Kostis’ thoughts on art, architecture, history and culture with special focus on archaeology often highlight the history of Corinth Excavations.
David Pettegrew's blog- "Corinthian Matters" contains and extensive bibliography, highlights new publications, and more.