Excavation Data

In 2001, with the support of the Packard Humanities Institute, the Athenian Agora began the process of digitizing its 75 years of archaeological history. This entailed creating digital versions of all material records (including field excavation notebooks, catalog cards for finds, photographs of excavations in progress, and architectural drawings) while at the same time designing a new system for recording data in the field as excavation takes place.

The long term goal of this project has been the creation of a single integrated and coherent digital archive of all the archaeological resources at the Athenian Agora: from object databases, photographs, site guides, virtual-reality tours, architectural plans and drawings, to new excavation data, reports, and publications. This digital archive is searchable and accessible from anywhere by means of the Internet, freely available to higher educational institutions, students of the classical world, and communities of classical enthusiasts everywhere.