Research and Permissions

All interested in publishing material from Corinth Excavations, must contact the Director of the Corinth Excavations to determine its publication status.  Many scholars are currently working on projects and the School preserves their right to publish this material (see Research and Publications, Affiliated Scholars).  The School considers “published” any object that has a catalogue entry which has appeared in its publications, including the Corinth volumes and Hesperia.  If the object is mentioned in passing or is used as a comparanda for a published object, this does not constitute publication.  Become familiar with the ASCSA’s “Information About Permits” webpage.

Study of Unpublished Material
1. If the material is unpublished, you need a letter from the Director of the Corinth Excavations granting you the permission to publish.  You must submit this letter with your application to the appropriate Ephoreia.

2. Follow the steps 1, 2, and 3 below.

Study of Published Material
1. If you are a member of the ASCSA, contact Ioanna Damanaki.  Otherwise, contact the Ephorate of Antiquities of Korinthia with your request including a list of the objects (inventory numbers and/or publication references) that you would like to study.  The Ephoreia will issue the study permit which is usually valid for a year after its date of issue.

2. Once you receive the study permit, contact the Assistant  to the Associate Director with the same request and list of objects to schedule an appointment.  Your list of objects should include the inventory number of each artifact OR the catalogue number, figure or plate number and the publication where it appears.

3. During your visit, you must bring your study permit and you may take photographs (digital or color prints) for your personal use and study during your visit.  You may not use these photographs for publication.  The Assistant  to the Associate Director will provide you with the photographs you need for publication.