Corinth Excavations Assistant to the Associate Director- Manolis Papadakis

Manolis Papadakis received his BA in Archaeology from the University of Ioannina (2008). He also holds an MA in Managing Monuments from the National University of Athens and an MSc in Geographical Information Science from Lund University, Sweden. Before joining Corinth Excavations, Manolis worked in excavations and conservation projects for the Ministry of Culture (Arcadia, Argolis) and the French School at Athens (Delphi, Argos). He has also participated in several field and geophysical surveys across Greece (Cyclades, Peloponnese, Thessaly) and abroad (Hungary), mainly as an external collaborator of the Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment (Institute for Mediterranean Studies). He has been working as Assistant to the Associate Director since 2017.

His interests lie in architectural and landscape heritage management, archaeological public outreach and the use of new technologies (GIS, archaeological prospections) in archaeological research and cultural resources management. Manolis has co-organized educational programs and has published on all the above subjects in international conference proceedings.

For room reservations, study time in the museum, and photograph requests, Manolis can be contacted by e-mail.