On-Site Educational Programs


The Athenian Agora Excavations and the Steinmetz Fellow invites your school to participate in enriching educational programs at the archaeological site, the museum and the Stoa of Attalos. Students have the opportunity to visit the Athenian Agora, the beating heart of Athens and the home of democracy, where they can handle with care and engage with replicas of artifacts. Moreover, they have the chance to interact directly with an archaeologist and deepen their understanding of the fascinating world of archaeology. Our educational on-site programs promise to be an inspiring journey, fostering connections to the rich cultural heritage of Athens.

Available On-site Educational Programs:

  • Dogs in the Athenian Agora (2nd Grade – 6th Grade of Primary School)
  • A Dog for the Public (Junior High School)
  • The Trial of Thyramenes and the Overthrow of Democracy (1st grade of High School)
  • Archaeological Seminar (High School)