About Tarek Elemam

Tarek Elemam is the IT Manager of the American School of Classical Studies. He has been serving the School since August 1995, where he setup the whole ASCSA network from scratch, going from 3 old standalone computers to a network of more than 100 computers and servers in 5 Buildings. He works also as the Systems librarian of Aleph (the libraries’ Library Management System) since 2004/2005 and from this position in 2017-2019 he collaborated closely with the two libraries’ staff on successfully implementing RFID technology and LC reclassification during ASCSA libraries modernization project. Over the years he has also overseen multiple EU/ESPA digitization projects.

 He holds a double major and a double bachelor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering from La Verne University of California. MicroMasters UMBC and USMx program in Database Management Systems.  His current studies are in Strategic Applications of IT Project & Program Management, Cybersecurity Risk Management and Computer Forensics. He has also attended various conferences over the past years related to Digital Humanities and Digital Library conferences in Greece, but also abroad DPASSH (Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities) University of Sussex, and Digital Humanities DH2018 Mexico City etc.

 Tarek actively participated in setting the guidelines for the saving and digitizing Libyan heritage through the application of modern technologies, an initiative in the year 2013 sponsored by the World Bank and the Department of Archaeology of Libya. In February 2014, he participated in the American Archaeological Mission to Libya through an ASCSA internship program for the Libyan Department of Archeology which included training Libyan employees from the department of archaeology on best practices in data storage, data archiving, long-term preservation, and the access and reuse of digital data.

Prior to his work at the ASCSA, Tarek worked as an IT consultant for different institutions (e.g. Norwegian institute in Athens) ; as a freelance programmer for different commercial companies (e.g. HERACLES Cements) and also as an external inventor 1994 for Volvo.