Academic Calendar

All schedules are subject to change, as necessary

2023-2024 ASCSA Academic Year Calendar


Sept. 8-9 (Friday-Saturday): Loring Hall Residents Arrive
Sept. 11 (Sunday): Lykabettos hike and Pizza Party
Sept. 11-15 (Sunday-Thursday): Orientation week

Sept. 16 (Friday) – 27 (Wednesday): Trip I (Northeastern Greece; Wescoat)

October 3, 7-9 pm Emily Wilson lecture – Potamianos Lectures (Tuesday)
October 4, Homer exhibit, Gennadius Reading Room

October 5 (Friday) – 16 (Monday): Trip II (Western Greece; Burke)

October 22 (Sunday) – November 1 (Wednesday): Trip III (Crete; Vogeikoff Brogan/Brogan)

October 28 (Friday): Όχι Day (holiday)

November 10 (Friday) – 21 (Tuesday): Trip IV (Central Greece; Burke)

November 23–24 (Thursday to Friday): Thanksgiving holiday

November 27 (Monday): Winter Term: Athens & Attica, Whitehead seminars begin.

December 7–9 (Thursday to Saturday): ): Recent Work on the Cults of Boeotia: Archaeology, Epigraphy, and History

December 16 (Saturday): start of winter break – Regular Members should not leave before this date



January 4-7: SCS/AIA Annual Meeting

January 9 (Tuesday): Regulars should return on or before this date

January 10 (Wednesday): Winter Term resumes

February 11-21: Trip V (Corinthia and Argolid; Pfaff)

Aegina Trip: early March
Trip to Evia: March 13-14

March 18: Clean Monday (holiday)

March 22: Winter term ends
March 25: Greek Independence Day (holiday)
March 23-April 1: Optional Trip to Croatia (Dr. Katie Fine)

April/May/June: Excavation sessions at Corinth

Optional trip to central Turkey (Burke)

May 1 (Monday): May Day
May 3-7 (Friday-Tuesday): Easter Holiday 

May 24 (Friday): end of academic year; Loring Hall move-out date


*All schedules are subject to change as necessary
* schedule as of September 2023