Corinth, 2020 and 2021: Northeast of the Theater

by Christopher A. Pfaff

Hesperia, Volume 92, Issue 2
Page(s): 355-404
Stable URL: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/901602
Year: 2023


The 2020 and 2021 excavation seasons at Corinth explored an area in the southern third of the field northeast of the Theater, where work has focused since 2018. Among the results of these two seasons were the discoveries of a Roman road (cardo) running northward from the paved plaza northeast of the Theater and of a sumptuous Roman room lined with marble-veneered benches and paved with an opus sectile floor. The excavations also brought to light more evidence of the Byzantine road that succeeded the Roman cardo and slight remains of other Byzantine structures, including a small circular structure, perhaps an oven.