Late Antique Reuse of the Blockhouse at Kephalari in the Argolid, Greece

by Scott Gallimore, William Caraher, Sarah A. James, and Guy Sanders

Hesperia, Volume 91, Issue 4
Page(s): 693-724
Stable URL: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/873701
Year: 2022


Excavations at the Classical or Hellenistic blockhouse at Kephalari, southwest of Argos, recovered a small group of artifacts datable to the mid-6th to early 8th century A.D. This material was not published in the original 1939 report, and its restudy demonstrates its importance for shedding new light on the topic of Late Antique reuse of rural structures. This assemblage is then contextualized within current debates about the structure and function of rural settlement, the chronology of change during late antiquity, and the persistence of interregional connectivity in the northeast Peloponnese in the 7th and 8th centuries A.D.