Corinth, 2019: Northeast of the Theater

by Christopher A. Pfaff

Hesperia, Volume 90, Issue 4
Page(s): 773-818
Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.2972/hesperia.90.4.0773
Year: 2021


The 2019 excavations at Ancient Corinth continued in the area opened up in 2018 in a field northeast of the Theater. The work revealed additional portions of an Early Roman building with black aggregate floors and the adjacent decumanus and drain that were discovered in 2018. Portions of a Late Antique building were excavated together with a well abandoned in the 7th century. The well was cut through a deposit of the late 4th century B.C., which provides valuable evidence for pre-Roman use of the site. The latest features included a Byzantine-Ottoman road and a 19th-century house, which was probably abandoned in the aftermath of the earthquake of 1858 that devastated Corinth.