Patrons of Athenian Votive Monuments of the Archaic and Classical Periods: Three Studies

by Catherine M. Keesling

Hesperia, Volume 74, Issue 3
Page(s): 395-426
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25067961
Year: 2005


In three studies of votive offerings, the author explores the role played by private patrons in the production of art and inscriptions in Athens in the Archaic and Classical periods. The studies concern additive sculptural groups produced by the contributions of multiple dedicators, a form of display explained within the context of votive religion; epigraphical evidence for collaboration between East Greek sculptors and Athenian patrons on 6th- and 5th-century votive monuments; and dedications that have either been misidentified as belonging to Athenian potters and vase painters or erroneously reconstructed as metal or stone vases.