I.6: The Springs: Peirene, Sacred Spring, Glauke, by Bert Hodge Hill (1964) (text and plates)

III.1: Acrocorinth: Excavations in 1926, by Carl W. Blegen, Richard Stillwell, Oscar Broneer, and Alfred Raymond Bellinger (1930)

III.2: The Defenses of Acrocorinth and the Lower Town, by Rhys Carpenter and Antoine Bon (1936)

IV.1: Decorated Architectural Terracottas, by Ida Thallon-Hill and Lida Shaw King (1929)

V. The Roman Villa, by T. L. Shear (1930)

VI: Coins, 1896-1929, by Katherine M. Edwards (1933)

VII.1: The Geometric and Orientalizing Pottery, by Saul S. Weinberg (1943)

VII.2: Archaic Corinthian Pottery and the Anaploga Well, by D. A. Amyx and Patricia Lawrence (1975)

VII.3: Corinthian Hellenistic Pottery, by G. Roger Edwards (1975)

VIII.1: Greek Inscriptions, 1896-1927, by Benjamin Dean Meritt (1931)

VIII.2: Latin Inscriptions, 1896-1926, by Allen Brown West (1931)

VIII.3: The Inscriptions, 1926-1950, by John Harvey Kent (1966)

X: The Odeum, by Oscar Broneer (1932)

XI: The Byzantine Pottery, by Charles H. Morgan II (1942)

XII: The Minor Objects, by Gladys R. Davidson (1952)

XIII: The North Cemetery, by Carl W. Blegen, Hazel Palmer, and Rodney S. Young (1964)

XIV: The Asklepion and Lerna, by Carl Roebuck (1951)

XV.1: The Potters' Quarter, by Agnes N. Stillwell (1948)

XV.2: The Potters' Quarter: The Terracottas, by Agnes N. Stillwell and J. L. Benson (1984)

XVI: Mediaeval Architecture in the Central Area of Corinth, by Robert L. Scranton (1957)