The Athenian Tribute Lists I

by Benjamin D. Meritt, H. T. Wade-Gery, and Malcolm F. McGregor

638 pp, 192 figs, 25 pls, 1 map
10" x 13.5"
Cloth, ISBN: 978-0-87661-911-7
Publication Date: Nov 1939
Status: Out of Print

This book is the first of four volumes presenting the standard text of, and commentary on, the inscriptions that have come to be known as the “Athenian Tribute Lists.” Through the tribute lists, historians have been able to study the extent and nature of the Athenian empire that grew out of the Delian League established to combat the Persians in 478/7 B.C. The inscriptions provide evidence of the money paid to Athens by other members of the League after the tribute treasury was moved from Delos to Athens in 454 B.C. The texts persist from the 450s through to the 430s, after which the evidence is very fragmentary and often undatable. This volume presents all the documents, starting with the assessment decrees and an extended series of tribute-quota lists numbered 1 through 49 and extending in a series starting in 454/3 B.C. and ending in 406/5 B.C. Besides these fundamental sources, the book contains a chapter of testimonia and small collection of decrees.

"No group of epigraphical texts has deserved or received a study so meticulous as the Attic quota-lists, and none has yielded results of equal historical importance. . . . The work—clear in arrangement, lucid in statement, combining width of outlook with the utmost accuracy in matters of detail—is a stupendous achievement, which must still further enhance its authors’ reputations, while the perfect typography and illustrations reflect the highest credit on printers and publishers alike." M. N. Tod, JHS 59 (1939), pp. 300-301