Director of Record

As the legal entity charged by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports to oversee field research by members of the ASCSA, the School designates a Director of Record for projects operating under its aegis.  The DoR is the authorized individual who manages affairs with officials in the Ephoreias and is held responsible for the project by the Ministry and the School.  Responsibilities include assigning and fulfilling legal, professional and fiscal responsibilities.

Normally the DoR is designated as the person who makes application for a permit to the Excavation and Survey Committee. In the case of co-principal directors, one of them assumes the role of DoR.  The DoR must be able to provide acceptable certification from his/her institution of appropriate institutional support for the permitted project. This may entail financial support, as for example for land purchase, storage of archaeological finds, official certification for grant applications, and support for publication and archiving of records.

The ASCSA is responsible for ensuring that the transfer of Director of Record for all ASCSA affiliated projects takes place clearly and officially. The procedure is as follows. If the current DoR is alive, that person shall write a letter requesting the transfer and/or designating the new DoR.  If the current DoR is incapable or deceased, the appropriate authority of the original DoR’s institution must endorse the request in a letter directed to the Director of the ASCSA. The request needs to be accompanied by a letter from the appropriate institutional authority (chair, dean or provost) certifying the transfer to the Director of the ASCSA.  In the instance where the new DoR is at a different institution from the old DoR, approval of the transfer is requested from both institutions. These documents, along with a letter from the new DoR stating his/her willingness to assume responsibility and a current CV, will be submitted by the Director to the Excavation and Survey Committee for approval. Once approved, the new DoR will assume responsibility for the project under the authority of the ASCSA.