Volume 73, Issue 2 (2004)

The Mycenaean Feast: An Introduction (pp. 121-132)

by James C. Wright

Animal Sacrifice, Archives, and Feasting at the Palace of Nestor (pp. 179-195)

by Sharon R. Stocker and Jack L. Davis

Mycenaean Feasting on Tsoungiza at Ancient Nemea (pp. 197-215)

by Mary K. Dabney, Paul Halstead, and Patrick Thomas

Sacrificial Feasting in the Linear B Documents (pp. 217-246)

by Thomas G. Palaima

Aegean Feasting: A Minoan Perspective (pp. 247-279)

by Elisabetta Borgna

Feasting in Homeric Epic (pp. 301-337)

by Susan Sherratt