Volume 68, Issue 3 (1999)

Excavations in the Athenian Agora, 1996 and 1997 (pp. 255-283)

by John McK. Camp II

Halai: The 1992-1994 Field Season (pp. 285-341)

by Kerill O'Neill, Wendy Yielding, Julie Near, John E. Coleman, Patricia S. Wren, and Kathleen M. Quinn

Research and Excavation at Chrysokamino, Crete 1995-1998 (pp. 343-370)

by Philip P. Betancourt, James D., Muhly, William R. Farrand, Carola Stearns, Lada Onyshkevych, William B. Hafford, and Doniert Evely

Legumes in Ancient Greece and Rome: Food, Medicine, or Poison? (pp. 371-385)

by Kimberly B. Flint-Hamilton

Democracy and the Athenian Epigraphical Habit (pp. 387-439)

by Charles W. Hedrick Jr.