Volume 46, Issue 3 (1977)

Excavations at Kommos (Crete) during 1976 (pp. 199-240)

by Joseph W. Shaw

New Fragments of the Parthenon Acroteria (pp. 241-244)

by Ira S. Mark

A Poros Sphinx from Corinth (pp. 245-254)

by James C. Wright

Athenian Dates by Month and Prytany (pp. 255-256)

by Benjamin D. Meritt

The Marquis de Nointel in Naxos, A.D. 1673 (pp. 257-259)

by Eugene Vanderpool

A Gymnasium Inventory from the Athenian Agora (pp. 259-267)

by Diskin Clay

A Boiotian Decree in Athens (pp. 268-276)

by Gerald V. Lalonde

Inscriptions from Palairos (pp. 277-281)

by John McK. Camp II

The Restoration of Sanctuaries in Attica, II (pp. 282-298)

by Gerald R. Culley