Volume 38, Issue 2 (1969)

Bibliography of Rhys Carpenter (pp. 123-132)

by Rhys Carpenter

The Akroteria of the Nike Temple (pp. 133-140)

by Patricia Neils Boulter

Some Hittite Figurines in the Aegean (pp. 141-149)

by Jeanny Vorys Canby

A New Greek Bronze Head in the Ackland Museum (pp. 150-156)

by Sara Anderson Immerwahr

A Marble Head in Princeton (pp. 157-158)

by Frances Follin Jones

Homer and Oral Techniques (pp. 159-168)

by Mabel L. Lang

A Temple at Hermione (pp. 169-185)

by Marian Holland McAllister and Michael H. Jameson

The End of the Archaic Style (pp. 205-212)

by Charles H. Morgan

Two Peplophoroi in the United States (pp. 213-222)

by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Antique Sculpture in Prints (pp. 223-230)

by Katharine Shepard

The Panathenaic Frieze: Optical Relations (pp. 231-241)

by Richard Stillwell

Mourning Odysseus (pp. 242-251)

by Dorothy Burr Thompson