Volume 22, Issue 3 (1953)

Investigations at Corinth, 1953—A Tavern of Aphrodite (pp. 131-140)

by Charles H. Morgan

An Akroterion from the Temple of Ares in the Athenian Agora (pp. 141-147)

by Patricia Neils Boulter

Inscriptions of the Peloponnesos (pp. 148-171)

by Michael Jameson

A Magical Inscription from Pisidian Antioch (pp. 172-174)

by David M. Robinson

New Evidence for the Location of the Attic Deme Kopros (pp. 175-176)

by Eugene Vanderpool

Inscriptions from Athens (pp. 177-181)

by Markellos Mitsos and Eugene Vanderpool

Isthmia Excavations, 1952 (pp. 182-195)

by Oscar Broneer

Olynthiaka (pp. 196-207)

by J. Walter Graham