Volume 16, Issue 4 (1947)

Investigations at Corinth, 1946-1947 (pp. 233-247)

by Oscar Broneer

Bacchic Erotes at Tarentum (pp. 248-255)

by Dorothy Kent Hill

Thermika and Panaitolika (pp. 256-261)

by Markellos T. Mitsos

Inscriptions from Athens (pp. 262-266)

by Markellos T. Mitsos

Numismatic Comments (pp. 272-278)

by F. M. [Fritz] Heichelheim

The Decrees of Kallias (pp. 279-286)

by H. T. Wade-Gery and Benjamin D. Meritt

Two Attic Epigrams (pp. 287-289)

by Benjamin D. Meritt