Volume 16, Issue 2 (1947)

L'Archonte Athenien Diocles (pp. 55-57)

by Georges Daux

The Persians at Delphi (pp. 58-62)

by Benjamin D. Meritt

Inscriptions on the South Slope of the Acropolis (pp. 63-74)

by Mitchell and Ethel Levensohn

Notes on South-Slope Inscriptions (pp. 75-77)

by Winifred R. Merkel

Three Attic Proxeny Decrees (pp. 78-81)

by C. P. Loughran and A. E. Raubitschek

Greek Inscriptions (pp. 82-88)

by Markellos T. Mitsos

The Master of Animals (pp. 89-114)

by Jacqueline Chittenden

The Demes of Eretria (pp. 115-146)

by William Wallace