Volume 13, Issue 1 (1944)

An Early Athenian Decree Concerning Tribute (pp. 1-15)

by B. H. Hill and B. D. Meritt

Greek Horoi and a New Attic Mortgage Inscription (pp. 16-21)

by David M. Robinson

A Fragment of a Proxeny Decree from Ios (pp. 22)

by Robert Schlaifer

Inscriptions from Beroea (pp. 23-29)

by J. M. R. Cormack

An Obscure Inscription on a Gold Tablet (pp. 30-35)

by Campbell Bonner

EPENIKTOS (pp. 36-37)

by Paul Maas

Groups of Early Attic Black-Figure (pp. 38-57)

by J. D. Beazley

The Foot of Sarapis (pp. 58-77)

by Sterling Dow and Frieda S. Upson

More about Ancient Metal Reliefs (pp. 87-89)

by Dorothy Kent Hill