Volume 10, Issue 4 (1941)

Notes on Attic Decrees (pp. 301-337)

by Benjamin D. Meritt

Two Third-Century Inscriptions (pp. 338-341)

by Eugene Schweigert

A Garrison Inscription from Rhamnous (pp. 342-350)

by John H. Kent

A Family of Sculptors from Tyre (pp. 351-360)

by Sterling Dow

Documents Concerning the Emperor Hadrian (pp. 361-370)

by James H. Oliver

Correction of an Inscription from Phlius (pp. 371-372)

by Robert L. Scranton

The Akanthos Column at Delphi (pp. 373-380)

by G. W. Elderkin

The Hero on a Sandal (pp. 381-387)

by G. W. Elderkin

Colonia Laus Julia Corinthiensis (pp. 388-390)

by Oscar Broneer

A Note on Epigraphic Methodology (pp. 391-401)

by W. Kendrick Pritchett and B. D. Meritt