Since 1929, the residence building known as Loring Hall has been home to generations of students at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. It is the heart of campus life and the center of hospitality. As the principal residence and dining facility for the American School, it is where our students and scholars live, learn, and dine together. Friendships are formed and lifelong memories are made.   

We are proud to announce that the Trustees of the School have recently launched a $9.4 million capital campaign for the expansion and complete renovation of the student center. This transformation will fuse modernization with tradition. While the exterior of the building will be preserved, the infrastructure and interior will be brought up to today’s building and safety codes. 

A few of the exciting improvements include:

  • An additional floor on top of the existing Annex
  • An increase of beds from 41 to 54
  • Private bathrooms in each bedroom
  • Elevators 
  • Fitness Room
  • New kitchen facilities
  • Wi-Fi accessibility
  • Air conditioning

To raise the funds to accomplish this goal, the American School is offering naming opportunities throughout the center. Some benefactors, who have already made commitments, have chosen to name these spaces in honor of both loved ones and noteworthy individuals who have made significant contributions to the School. As George Orfanakos, Executive Director, stated, “this effort will not only completely transform our existing student center, it will make this special place a living monument honoring the men and women who are part of our storied history.”

It is our hope that this capital campaign will also inspire a new generation of benefactors to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. We encourage alumni, classes, and friends of the School to be a part of this exciting project. When completed, Professor Jenifer Neils, Director of School says, “the new student center will serve as the cornerstone of the School’s efforts to recruit the most talented students and scholars from around the world, to facilitate their communication in a collegial environment, and to foster the study of Greece for generations to come.”

If you would like to find out more about the additional improvements or to have a conversation regarding the various naming opportunities, please email George Orfanakos at or call 609-683-0800.