New Publication: Terracotta Lamps II: 1967-2004 (Isthmia X)

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the publication of Terracotta Lamps II: 1967-2004 (Isthmia X) by Birgitta Lindros Wohl.

This volume catalogues more than 400 lamps and lamp fragments dating from the Late Archaic to the Byzantine periods found over several decades at the Isthmian Sanctuary of Poseidon. These come from excavations undertaken by UCLA from 1967 to 1987 under the direction of Paul Clement and since then by OSU under the direction of Timothy Gregory. As well as the detailed descriptions of the lamps in the catalogue, the volume presents a commentary on the types of lamps used at the Sanctuary that enriches our knowledge of their manufacture, use, and artistic evolution over time. The lamps also contribute to a better understanding of the site, as they reflect the various historical, political, and religious vicissitudes at Isthmia and the Corinthia in general over the centuries. The author is one of the leading authorities in the world on lamps from ancient Greece, and her work advances our knowledge of the subject in Isthmia, the Corinthia, and beyond.

Chapter 1: Archaic and Classical Greek Lamps
Chapter 2: Late Hellenistic and Italian-Type Lamps
Chapter 3: Broneer Type XVI Lamps
Chapter 4: Palaimonion Lamps
Chapter 5: Unglazed Corinthian (Broneer Type XXVII), Late Corinthian (Post-Broneer Type XXVII), and Unusual Lamps
Chapter 6: Pre-Glazing Athenian Lamps (Broneer Type XXVIII)
Chapter 7: Glazed Athenian Lamps (Broneer Type XXVIII)
Chapter 8: Post-Glazing Athenian Lamps (Broneer Type XXVIII)
Chapter 9: Lamps of the 5th and 6th Centuries
Chapter 10: Byzantine Lamps

Isthmia X
256 pp, 6 plans, 6 figs, 58 plates, 2 tables
Cloth, 9" x 12"
ISBN: 978-0-87661-930-8

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