Research Spotlight: Sebastian Prignitz
During the fall of 2013, Sebastian Prignitz, a scientific researcher at the Inscriptiones Graecae program of the Berlin Academy, was in Athens to work on Greek inscriptions from the epigraphical collection of the Athenian Agora.  The purpose of his study was to re-examine and update the numerous inscriptions stored at the Agora. His main focus of study was: The Parthenon Inventory Lists written after 403 BC (Traditiones Parthenonis, published in 1927 as IG II² 1370-1513) for new IG-volume IG II³ 2, 1 ; Artist Signatures (for the project The New Overbeck, cf. ; Attic State-Decrees (for IG-volumes IG II³ 1, 1-5). Each inscription in his study was subjected to an intense examination and extensively documented with drawings, photography and when possible a paper squeeze (to be stored in the Berlin archive of Inscriptiones Graecae).