Athens during the Byzantine, Frankish and Ottoman periods has only recently gained full attention in the archaeological record. The VIDI project ‘Material Culture, Consumption and Social Change’, conducted by Dr. Joanita Vroom (University of Leiden), focuses on the study of ceramic finds of this period – their typology, chronology, provenance, function and distribution across the site. During Study Season 2013 Dr Joanita Vroom, the post-doc researcher of the VIDI project Dr. Elli Tzavella, and the Leiden MA student Petra Doeve focused on the study of pottery from the Byzantine building of Section MM.  At the same time, the Byzantine amphora specialist Dr. Eva Todorova worked on special features and function of Middle Byzantine amphorae which have been excavated in various sections of the Agora. Joanita Vroom (right) and her 2013 team (from left to right: Elli Tzavella, Petra Doeve and Eva Todorova) at work in the Agora.