New Publication: Vessel Glass
Bowl with spiral ribbing from the Athenian Agora
A new volume in the Athenian Agora series, Vessel Glass by Gladys D. Weinberg and E. Marianne Stern, is now available. Agora XXXIV presents 404 glass vessels excavated in the Athenian Agora. Although mostly fragmentary, examples are given of almost every type of glass known from the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman periods, and representative finds of Byzantine and later times. The remarkable value of this contribution to the history of glass is that so many of the fragments from the Agora can be dated by context. A thorough historical overview of the Agora takes full advantage of events such as the sack of the city by Sulla in 86 B.C. and the Herulian raid of A.D. 267, events that have left their imprint throughout the site and provide valuable dating information. The catalogued objects are discussed by period and shape with extensive descriptions of the various techniques of their manufacture. An appendix to the volume presents evidence for a possible Late Roman glass furnace in the Agora. Vitreous material has been found, as well as a fused glass vessel, similar to material excavated in the near-by Kerameikos that has been interpreted as evidence for glass making. The wide scope of glass vessel types presented in this volume will provide an essential reference book for those interested in glass known from antiquity. The book is available for purchase through our distributor, David Brown Book Company in North America (+1 800 791 9354) and Oxbow Books (+44 (0)1865 241249) in Europe and the Rest of the World. You can order online through our website. The order will be directed to the closest distributor’s office. The