These inscriptions are all from Attica and have been published in Vol. II of Inscriptiones Graecae.










IG II(2) 4249, a Roman-period grave monument for Statia, depicted in relief as a standing woman clad in himation. The inscription reads Στατίαν Θάλλουσαν | φιλανδρίας Τρύφων ἀνέ|στησεν, or "Tryphon set up this monument of Statia Thallousa because of her love for her husband." 

















IG II(2) 10116, a grave inscription for a foreigner, Hermogenes from Prousa, also of Roman date.

The inscription reads: 

"Who am I, and from where, that lies buried, friend, here in this tomb? The stele will reveal my name and homeland. The land of Bithynia bore me and Prousa was my fatherland [...] Hermogenes by name."

Unfortunately, part of the text is illegible.













IG II(2) 2499, a lease contract from 306/5 BC, recording the "orgeones" (or worshippers) of the otherwise unattested hero Egretes leasing the sacred land of the hero to a certain Diognetos.

The lease is for 10 years and Diognetos is to pay 200 drachmas per year.