In Print: New Agora Volumes
Two books devoted to the Agora Excavations were published in the first half of 2010. The latest (5th) edition of The Athenian Agora Site Guide is revised and has a new user-friendly format. The guide, by John Camp and Craig Mauzy, is the first edition to have color illustrations. It was designed by Mary Jane Gavenda, and Carol Stein served as principal editor. It draws heavily on its predecessors, written by Mabel Lang, Willy Eliot, and Homer Thompson but adds new discoveries and recent scholarship. Intended for visitors to the site, the size has been kept down by separating out the Stoa of Attalos museum, for which a separate guide is being prepared by Laura Gawlinski, due out in 2011. A new book about the recent excavations in the Athenian Agora was also published in collaboration with the German publishing house, Philipp von Zabern, known for the high quality of its archaeological publications. The Athenian Agora: New Perspectives on an Ancient Site, edited by John Camp and Craig Mauzy, is a collection of eleven articles which were originally presented as papers in two colloquia commemorating the 75th anniversary of the excavations. Contributions by John Camp, Susan Rotroff, Barbara Tsakirgis, Lee Ann Riccardi, Mark Lawall, Kathleen Lynch, and James Sickinger present recent scholarship in architecture, pottery, sculpture, amphora studies, and ostraka, while staff members Craig Mauzy, Amandina Anastassiades, Richard Anderson, and Bruce Hartzler describe how archiving, photography, conservation, drafting/surveying, and applications of computer technology have evolved since the early years of the excavation. The volume has been published simultaneously in both English and German. Both books can be ordered through the David Brown Book Company.