Hesperia welcomes New Editor: Jennifer Sacher

After a comprehensive search, Jennifer Sacher began her tenure as the next editor of Hesperia this past May.

An alumna of Washington University in St. Louis, Sacher went on to earn an M.A. in Classics in 2008 from the University of Cincinnati, specializing in the study of Athenian pottery. She has participated in the College Year in Athens, as well as several seasons of fieldwork, including two in the Athenian Agora. Sacher has over a decade of experience in archaeological publishing, both as a full-time academic editor and as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader. She comes to the ASCSA from the INSTAP Academic Press, where she spent the past five years serving as its Managing Editor. Her unique combination of skills makes her an ideal fit for the editorship.

“It is an honor to serve as the next editor of Hesperia and to be entrusted to continue the standard of excellence it achieved under the direction of recent editors Tracey Cullen and Susan Lupack,” Sacher said. "Every Hesperia article is an important contribution to our field, and each one receives the same full treatment as our monographs–meaning all articles are reviewed and produced with the same intensity and attention to detail. Other scholars will be using these articles in their own research, so it is important to maintain the quality that the journal is known for within the scholarly community."

Sacher is especially excited to be working on the American School's only academic journal, and for the particular opportunities this publication presents. "In many ways, Hesperia serves as a far-reaching ambassador for the School and the values it holds. But it is not necessary for authors to be affiliated with the School or a School project. Hesperia is open to anyone–our scholars come from an international community. We publish any works relating to the Greek world from the neolithic through Ottoman period. Two of the main qualifications for consideration is that the publication is written in English and has not been published before."

Sacher concluded, “I am excited to be a member of the School's Publications Office, and I look forward to working closely with scholars to present the results of their hard work to the greater academic community.”