An exhibition of rare books marks the 550th anniversary of the death of the Albanian hero George Castriot Skanderbeg in the Reading Room of the Gennadius Library.

The event was spearheaded by the new book of Dr. Machi Paizi-Apostolopoulou, of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, who discovered the earliest biography of George Kastriot in Greek in a manuscript at the Library of the University of Ioannina. The text is a translation from the Italian that probably dates to 1750-1770.

Joannes Gennadius was very interested in the legendary personality of George Castriot Scanderbeg (1405-1468) who fought valiantly against the Ottoman forces of Mehmet the Conqueror. The exhibition features historical biographies published in the sixteenth century by Marinus Barletius, Demetrius Francus and Jacques de Lavardin, which were translated in many languages, as well as poems and theatrical plays. Engravings from the private collection of Panagiotis Koliomichalis explore the appeal of Skanderbeg’s personality in Albania and Greece. Ms. Patricia Νugee of London, shared her rare books on the opening night.

The exhibition, which has been organized with the support of the Republic of Albania to Greece, will be on view until November 30 in the Main Reading Room of the Gennadius Library. Please note that the Library will be closed on November 22 & 23 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.