One of the most important recent acquisitions of the Library is a gift by Professor Curtis Runnels: it is an extremely rare map of Anthemos Gazis that was printed in Vienna in 1800 by cartographer and engraver Franz Muller who was an associate of Reghas Ferraios (Ρήγας Φερραίος). Most probably, the map is based on the Charta (Χάρτα) of Reghas Ferraios with some corrections and additions.

The most important differences consist of the addition of the islands of Sicily and Cyprus, which appears for the first time on a map of Greece, the coast lines, and the topography of Mount Athos. It seems that Ferraios’s map was connected with his political and revolutionary vision, while the Πίναξ was printed for educational and commercial reasons. 

The hieromonk Anthemos Ghazis (Άνθιμος Γαζής), a priest of the Greek parish of Vienna and a pioneer of the Greek Enlightenment, was possibly the editor of the map and as such he would have been responsible for these changes and additions; he was not, however, the creator of the map. Most probably, it was Franz Muller who produced the map after the prohibition of Ferraios’s works by the Austrian authorities.  The dimensions of the Πίναξ are close to Delisle’s map, which was the source for Ferraios’s Χάρτα. 

The Πίναξ was printed on four leaves in a still unidentified number of copies. A second edition was printed in 1810 by the Italian printer G. Cappi also in Vienna.  

Only a very small number of copies are recorded in WorldCat and the HBP (Heritage of the Printed Book Database). 

The map is colored by hand, has been dissected and mounted on linen.