Exhibit of drawings at the Blegen Library
The works in the exhibition were executed at four sites in Greece: the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum in Athens, the Archeological Museum at Olympia, and the Archeological Museum in Delphi.  The drawings are “working drawings” in the sense they were done primarily as a means of inquiry rather than with the intention of creating a finished product.  Professor Voros’ topic of inquiry in these drawings is an examination of the internal order that pervades classical Greek art.  The artist writes, “I hope that my drawings in this exhibition reflect, to some extent, the power and complexity of the works that they depict.  In this regard, I also hope that they will help to facilitate a dialogue with scholars from other disciplines engaged in similar avenues of thought.  Again, in this I must express my sincere gratitude to the American School for inviting me to exhibit my work and for this opportunity.  Finally, I would like to thank the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Research, and the Art Department at the University of South Carolina for their support of my research”.