Editor of Hesperia Celebrates 10 Years
(L-R) Hesperia Editor, Dr. Tracey Cullen, and Production Manager, Dr. Sarah George Figueira
The sixth editor of Hesperia, since its foundation as quarterly journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1932, celebrated her 10th anniversary on April 1, 2009. Prior to joining the American School, Dr. Tracey Cullen was Associate Editor at the American Journal of Archaeology. As well as taking a leading role in the publication of archaeology, Dr. Cullen is well-known as an archaeologist and author herself. Her PhD in Classical Archaeology from Indiana University focused on prehistoric Urfinis pottery and she has retained a research focus on the earliest periods of Greek history through many articles and as editor of the bestselling Aegean Prehistory: A Review, Boston 2001. Her current fieldwork is concerned with the region around the Karystos bay in southern Euboea, the focus of the Southern Euboea Exploration Project (SEEP) which has been conducting multidisciplinary research since 1984. She is also a member of the team working on the publication of the Franchthi Cave in the Argolid. Under Tracey Cullen’s editorship, Hesperia has gone from strength to strength. As the range of the School’s work has expanded, the scope of the journal’s interests has also broadened. Hesperia now “welcomes submissions from all scholars working in the fields of Greek archaeology, art, epigraphy, history, materials science, ethnography, and literature, from earliest prehistory onward.” In 2003 an international Advisory Board was appointed, in 2004 the journal went online for the first time, and in 2007 it celebrated its 75th anniversary with an award from the Association of American Publishers for “Professional and Scholarly Excellence.” Thanks to the Internet, the journal is now read by 1,000s of scholars worldwide, with over 75,000 articles viewed per year. The quality of submissions is also at a high level, with a 2008 rejection rate of 75%. As Director of the School, Jack Davis, writes, Hesperia is “an innovative publication vehicle that continues to make us proud!” Happy 10th anniversary, Tracey.