Corinth Excavations 2014 update
Regular member Dylan Rogers working in the area north of the church.
Session 2 of the 2014 excavation season in Ancient Corinth is now well underway with excavators settled into their areas.  Kirsten Lee is excavating the ‘north baulk’ between the Frankish area and the museum.  Maggie Burr and Dylan Rogers are working north of the church, Larkin Kennedy is continuing to uncover burials within the church, and the team of Bram ten Berge and Katerina Ragkou are peeling away road layers to the northwest.  We have been working with the video capabilities of Google Glass experimenting and adding a new first-person perspective in our archaeological recording and outreach.  Many of the video summaries can be accessible only after our report to the Ministry of Culture in the autumn.  However several videos that deal more generally with the existing museum collection, Frankish pottery, and conservation are available now.