Conservation Technicians Complete Internship at Corinth Excavations

Conservation technician interns Nikos-Arion Rigopoulos (left), Michalis Polatidis (center), and Thomas Paschalidis (right) with Colin Wallace and Nicol Anastassatou.

Our conservation technician interns have successfully finished their training at Corinth Excavations. For the past six months, the students gained experience on a range of tasks, from lifting and mending terracotta floor tiles from the Frankish Area to carefully excavating a medieval skeleton.

Other conservation highlights include:

  • Conserving freshly excavated artifacts
  • Conserving, mending, and aesthetically restoring ceramics
  • Cleaning and preparing marble statues for photography
  • Creating moulds of an artifact for the educational program “Sacred Prostitution in Ancient Corinth”
  • Assisting in rearranging the courtyard sculpture and architectural storage with Aileen Ajootian, Thanasis Notis, and Panos Kakouros
  • Fitting everyone inside the small conservation laboratory

The students also had various training sessions with Corinth Excavations staff and scholars, including the use of drones on archaeological sites with James Herbst, the excavation of human remains with Kostas Arberores, an introduction to photogrammetry with Colin Wallace, and a hands-on demonstration of how to use a pXRF with Andrew Ward.

After supervising the interns for the duration, Corinth Excavations Conservator Nicol Anastassatou enjoyed being able to share the techniques, procedures, and ethics of archaeological conservation with them.

Conservation technician student Eleni Maniati was able to complete the first month of work before sadly having to leave due to personal reasons.

Many thanks to Thomas Paschalidis, Michalis Polatidis, Nikos-Arion Rigopoulos, and Eleni Maniati for all their hard work here at Corinth Excavations.