Ancient Corinth’s Apollon Honors Williams and Bookidis
Nancy Bookidis, Charles Williams, and association president Dimitris Tsimpouris
Ancient Corinth's cultural heritage association, Apollon, honored Charles Williams and Nancy Bookidis for their work and dedication to the village.  Apollonia, the evening festivities, included Greek traditional dancing from Asia Minor, Macedonia, Epirus, and Mytilene to name a few.  Highlights were a Pontic knife fight dance, chair tipping, and a multitude of authentic ethnic costumes, many of them layered and woolen, worn by the dancers on this warm summer night.  After speeches from representatives of the city of New Corinth, the village President, and the village priest,  Williams and Bookidis were presented with honorary plaques by Apollon members Panos Psomas and Dimitris Tsimpouris.  Dancing followed, preformed by five age groups from 6-year-old to adult.