Purple dye production in the Bronze Age Aegean: archaeological, historical and experimental evidence from ASCSA on Vimeo.


About the Webinar: 

Purple dye is one of the most famous and highly valued dyes in the ancient Mediterranean world. This webinar combines archaeological, historical and experimental evidence to provide a more nuanced understanding of purple dye production and consumption and a better appreciation of its development in the Bronze Age Aegean. The focus is the archaeological remains of the craft, namely the shells that represent one of the few evidences for the craft and the product during the Bronze Age. The aim is to demonstrate how the detailed and contextual analysis of these shells can offer insights into the chaîne opératoire of the craft, from procurement, management and processing to the production of the dye and the disposal/recycling of waste.


About the Speaker:

Rena Veropoulidou studied archaeology at the University of Thessaloniki (BA, MA, PhD). She currently holds a post-doctoral research position at The Malcom H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. She also holds a permanent position as an archaeologist-zooarchaeologist at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. Rena has worked as an archaeomalacologist in Greece, Turkey, Albania and Spain. Her research focuses on the development of new methodologies for studying and interpreting shells, the dynamic interplay between people and their environment, theoretical aspects of food consumption and craft technologies, as well as the economic and social dimensions of coastal activities.