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Organisers: David Lewis (University of Edinburgh), Mirko Canevaro (University of Edinburgh), Sylvian Fachard (Université de Lausanne)


Thursday, May 19: Cotsen Hall, ASCSA

19:00               Introduction (David Lewis, Mirko Canevaro & Sylvian Fachard)

19:30               Keynote: Alain Bresson (Chicago): ‘Law and Trade Organization in Hellenistic Delos’


Friday, May 20: Non-speakers may join the hybrid session online*

Session 1

9:00-9:45        Judson Hermann (Allegheny): ‘Repetition in Attic oratory’

9:45-10:30       Jakub Filonik (Katowice): ‘The rhetoric of eleutheria in Athenian oratory’

10:30-11:15     Peter Liddel (Manchester): ‘The Athenian provisions against ad hominem legislation’

Tea and coffee

11:45-12:30     Alberto Esu (Mannheim): ‘Lycurgus and the Intent of the Lawgiver in Spartan Constitutional Practice’

12:30-1:15       Carlo Pelloso (Verona): ‘Ephors Between Spartan Constitution and Modern Reinterpretations’


Session 2:

14:45-15:30     Matteo Barbato (Naples): ‘A Place for Justice at the Assembly? Pursuing Self- interest and Helping the Wronged in Athenian International Relations’

15:30-16:15     Fred Naiden (Chapel Hill): ‘The laws of War’ [Zoom]

Tea and coffee

16:45-17:30     James P. Sickinger (Tallahassee): ‘Evidence in the Attic Orators: Ancient and Modern Perspectives’ [ZOOM]

17:30-18:15      Christophe Pébarthe (Bordeaux): ‘Desperately Seeking a Democratic Philosophy on Democracy: Aeschylus and the Majority Rule’


Saturday, May 21: Non-speakers may join the hybrid session online*

Session 3:

9:00-9:45        Christopher Joyce (Hertfordshire): ‘Aristotle’s ‘last democracy’: The rule of law versus mob rule’


9:45-10:30        Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh): ‘Between freedom and social control?

Parrhesia and slander in Athenian law (and society)’


10:30-11:15     Edmund Stewart (Nottingham): ‘Demes and occupations in the Athenian

phialai inscriptions: Freed slaves or free aliens?’

Tea and coffee

11:45-12:30     Athina Dimopoulou (Athens): Dexiosis and pistis: the role of handshake in legal commitment in the Greco-Roman world’

12:30-1:15       Michele Faraguna (Milan): ‘Real Estate, Public Control and Institutionalisation in the Greek Polis’


Session 4:

14:45-15:30      José Luis Alonso (Zurich): ‘Security for debt in the papyri: Katoche

15:30-16:15     Jan-Mathieu Carbon (Kingston): ‘On Records of Sale of People (and their Properties) at Halikarnassos’

Tea and coffee

16:45-17:30     Ilias Arnaotouglou (Athens): ‘Status and land in two new horoi-inscriptions from third-century Rhamnous’

17:30-18:15      Jakub Urbanik (Warsaw): ‘The ἔθος and the Egyptian Priests. A Contribution to study of Law Application in Roman Egypt’


* Due to capacity restrictions, we are hosting a hybrid event. Everyone is welcome in person to the keynote lecture and reception on Thursday night; for the Friday and Saturday sessions, non-speakers may join online. If you wish to join online, please email david.lewis@ed.ac.uk.