Education and Outreach

With over 120 years of excavations, Corinth Excavations has produced thousands of artifacts, publicly accessible digital resources, and scholarly publications that contribute to our understanding of life in Ancient Corinth. Corinth Excavations is committed to disseminating this vast breadth of research to audiences outside the academic sphere in order to bridge the gap between primary research conducted by archaeologists and classroom education of various grade levels. As a result of this effort, innovative lesson plans and outreach programs have been developed, and continue to develop, that use artifacts from the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth and research from Corinth Excavations to teach the public about Ancient Corinth specifically, life in ancient Greece more generally, archaeological fieldwork and practices, and the various components of museum work.

On our dedicated K-12 EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES page, you can view and freely download lesson plans that cover topics such as water management and disease, you can see photos and videos from our educational programs at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth or on our excavation site, and learn more about how Corinth Excavations brings students and adults “behind the scenes” to learn more about the work of archaeologists and about life in Ancient Corinth.