School Fees and Expenses

(Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.)

ASCSA policy on individual membership fees and benefits for members of Cooperating Institutions

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The fees associated with ASCSA membership (Regular, Student Associate, Senior Associate) will be assessed according to the amount of time an individual spends at the School’s facilities. Membership during the academic year (September-May) does not extend into the summer months. If an individual requests a full year of membership (12 consecutive months), the total fee will be for 10 months. This discount is in recognition of the numerous Greek and American holidays and low periods of activity at the School during a full calendar year. In assessing fees for stays shorter than a full month, the School prorates its monthly fees on an incremental basis. Furthermore, the fee scale is related to status (senior vs. student) and institutional affiliation. Different rates apply to students, faculty, and graduates of Cooperating Institutions of the ASCSA than those from non-affiliated institutions. Faculty, students and former students of Cooperating Institutions pay only one-half the fees for use of the facilities of the School in Greece.

ASCSA Monthly Fee Scale: Individual Membership

Membership fees at the American School are $220 per month for Student Members and $330 for Senior Members.

Senior Associate Members are typically Ph.D. holders.
Student Associate and Regular Members are graduate students.

Fees for Senior and Student members not affiliated with a Cooperating Institution

  • 1-17 days: Half monthly fee

                   - Senior: $165.00; Student: $110.00

  • 18-30 or 31 days: Full monthly fee

                   - Senior: $330.00; Student: $220.

Discounted Fees for Senior and Student members affiliated with a Cooperating Institution

  • 1-17 days: One-quarter monthly fee

​                    - Senior: $82.50; Student: $55.00

  • 18-30/31 days: Half monthly fee

                   - Senior: $165.00; Student: $110.00


Wiener Laboratory Bench Fees

Bench fees are required for all research projects undertaken at the Wiener Laboratory, excluding those undertaken by Wiener Laboratory fellows, Research Associates, or as otherwise provided. The bench fee is levied to cover the additional costs related to basic consumables, equipment and materials not included in the School Fees and Expenses. For rates and further details, please see the Bench Fees on the Wiener Laboratory Research Page.

Individual Members from Cooperating Institutions enjoy the following benefits:

  • The School welcomes any scholar from a Cooperating Institution, regardless of department, whose research is relevant to the mission of the ASCSA. (NB: Every individual must submit an online application via the ASCSA website whenever he or she intends to use the facilities of the School.)
  • Discount on individual School membership fees (see above).
  • Assistance from the School in applying for or renewing a Greek residence permit. Members must pay all involved fees. (Assistance with residence permits is limited to those holding membership for a period of at least 90 days)
  • Assistance from the School in requesting individual study permits from the Greek Ministry of Culture.
  • An entrance pass for archaeological sites and museums, issued by the Greek Ministry of Culture; the card is valid for three years. (Entrance cards are secured only for those with bona fide membership at the School, i.e. for a period of at least one month) 
  • 24/7 access to the Blegen Library and a personal workspace within it, as well as use of the School’s computer lab.
  • A School key that grants access to the main grounds and gardens of the School, the main building holding the Blegen Library, and Loring Hall (deposit required).
  • Residence in Loring Hall when space permits (subject to room fees).
  • Loring Hall services (subject to fees when applicable): meals, tea, ouzo, use of the saloni, etc. (NB: The laundry facilities are limited to residents staying in Loring Hall.)
  • Access to Agora and Corinth facilities and collections.
  • Use of a member’s lounge, kitchen facility, and a locker (deposit required for the key) in the main School building.
  • Use of school grounds (e.g., gardens, tennis court, outside grill).

Fees for Accompanying Spouses and Other Significant Persons Residing in the School Facilities

If a relevant accompanying individual qualifies for Associate Membership and requests it, the Director will admit him or her to that status, and he or she will be charged fees as an Associate Member: $110 per month if a Student Associate; $165 per month if a Senior Associate Member. If he or she does not qualify for Membership or does not request it, then they then will be admitted as a “Residential Affiliate” at the flat rate of $75/mo. In this case he or she will not receive the privilege of having a desk in the library or a locker in the downstairs in the Blegen Library.

It will be the obligation of a member who is requesting residence for a spouse or significant other to bring this policy to his or her attention, to see that those who desire to be appointed Residential Affiliate inform the Manager of Loring Hall and that those who desire Associate Membership apply online for membership.

Room and Board

Members who may wish to live in Loring Hall should write to Niamh Michalopoulou, Loring Hall Manager, for information or to make a reservation. Reservation requests must be submitted no later than June 1 for the next academic year, and it is advisable to contact Niamh as early as possible (please note that there is a one-week minimum for stays in Loring Hall).

Room prices in Loring Hall for the full academic year are as follows (as of 2021-2022):

For Student Members:

Single room: $5,500

Double room: $6,600

For Senior Members:

Single room: $7,200

Double room: $9,000

Suite: $10,800 (for 2 people $ 12,000)

Click here for more information about Loring Hall


Meals are served in Loring Hall’s dining room five days a week, Monday through Friday.
Current fees are as follows:

Breakfast is free for residents of Loring Hall only. 
Buffet lunch: 7.50 € for Senior Members, 5.00 € for students;
Dinner: 11.50 € for Senior Members, 8.00 € for students.

Other Expenses

Members should make sure of sufficient funds to cover expenses in Greece before arriving.  Expenses on the required School trips will probably total at least $3,000.  Meals in Loring Hall can total as much as $4,668 for the year, depending on how many meals are eaten at the School.  In addition, one should anticipate travel and housing expenses when away from Athens in the spring, whether on an excavation or individual research projects.  Incidentals, such as laundry, cleaning, books, and entertainment, are also extra.  Christmas and spring travel will, of course, vary greatly from individual to individual.

Estimated Cost for One Academic Year at the ASCSA

Room*                                                                                              $4,192 - $5,123
Board                                                                                                $6,456 - $7,300:
     Regular Members, meals in Loring Hall                                        $3,456 - $3,500*
     Regular Members, meals outside Loring Hall                               $3,000 - $3,800
     Student Associate Members, meals in Loring Hall                       $4,101 - $4,200*
     Student Associate Members, meals outside Loring Hall              $2,000 - $2,500

School Fees*                                                                                    $990 - $1,1980
Required School trips for Regular Members                                $3,200
     (shared expenses - hotels, etc.)
Optional School trips for Regular Members                                 $3,200 - $4,700
International flight from USA to Greece                                        $1,200
Health Care Coverage                                                                     $500 - $1,500
Incidentals                                                                                        $4,000 - $4,200
     (includes books, postage, photocopies, laundry, phone, etc.)
Modern Greek classes**                                                                 $120
Greek visa expenses while in the US                                             $150 - $250
Residence permit fees**                                                                 $240
TOTAL                                                                                               $24,248 - $29,813


**Paid by the School for all Regular Members.*Paid by the School for Regular Members who hold School Fellowhips and for Student Associate Members who hold ASCSA Advanced Fellowships, the Jacob Hirsch Fellowship, and the M. Alison Frantz Fellowship. School membership costs $110 per month for students from ASCSA cooperating institutions. For students of non-cooperating institutions, the cost is $220 per month.

***The School no longer pays this fee for its Members.  All costs of the residence permit process are the sole responsibility of the Member.

Please note that travel to and from Greece and elsewhere in Europe, and any expenses incurred during the summer months, are not included in this estimate. Expenses for those living outside of the School will average $9,000, not including trips and incidentals. This estimate is necessarily broad. Individual budgets will vary depending on eating and spending habits, as well as the number of trips taken.  Other factors to consider, if applicable, when preparing a budget: US taxes, continuing enrollment at one's home institution, medical expenses including prescriptions.