Student Center Initiative Q and A

Which motions passed at the Alumni/ae Association of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Meeting on January 4, 2019?

Two motions were passed at the 2019 ASCSA Alumni/ae Association Meeting:

“Motion to continue the annual Alumni/ae Association’s Summer Session Scholarship, and to forego the additional Gift to the School, over a period of three years, and to designate the Gift funds as a contribution to the Alumni/ae Loring Renovation campaign for the purpose of a large, significant gift.”

“Motion to provide $20,000 from the Association’s general account for the renovation of the Student Center as a matching grant.  The amount will be released only after an additional $20,000 has been raised by the Association’s members.”

What exactly is being renovated?

The "Student Center" contains Loring Hall, Annex, and West House. The renovation and expansion will take place at all three buildings. You can see sketches of the proposed plans here.

Why are we eliminating the annual extra Gift to the School for three years? 

Because of the urgency to raise funds before the School in Athens loses its permit for the Loring Hall renovation next January, we will add moneys carefully saved to the gifts from alumni/ae. Why three years? By prudently saving this money, the Association’s finances remain stable. Additionally, once Loring is completed, as a new building with a maintenance budget, it may not have the pressing needs that the Gift usually covers. The Alumni will need to discuss new directions for the Gift in 2022, such as establishing a second summer school scholarship, providing material for the Corinth excavation house, etc. 

What is the large, significant gift? 

When first discussed at Alumni Council, the amounts for “naming” part of Loring Hall seemed unattainable. Then, we looked at the amount of naming the East Porch or “ouzo terrace,” for example, which will cost $75,000. There are around 260 alumni who give regularly to the Alumni Association. Dividing the total amount by this number, the donation from each member would be around $250. 

We know that some alumni cannot reach anywhere near that number and that others can donate more than that comfortably. It seemed that this goal of giving for 2019 of an average of $250 was a fairly reasonable amount for such a significant undertaking. At the alumni meeting, the President suggested you can achieve more than the ouzo terrace, perhaps even the West Colonnade, whose naming rights are $100,000. In that case, the average target is $388.  In order to accomplish both projects, the average target is $600 per person.  Any amount you can give, however, is highly desirable! 

What if you cannot afford the targeted amount? 

That is a totally understandable concern and you should give what is within your financial ability. Everyone is at a different point in life and no one need apologize for a donation—all donations are welcome!

How much of our Association’s savings will go towards the large, significant gift? 

At the Alumni/ae Association meeting, a motion to contribute from AA funds was passed: ““Motion to provide $20,000 from the Association’s general account for the renovation of the Student Center as a matching grant.  The amount will be released only after an additional $20,000 has been raised by the Association’s members.” As we move forward past the $20,000 matching contribution level, the AA will pledge additional matching funds.

Can you donate to the Student Center Renovation in memory of an individual or in honor of someone? 

Yes, absolutely! When you write your check or pay by PayPal account, in the memo line write “Alumni/ae Loring Renovation” and “the name of the individual.” Or, write us a note and we will make sure the person is listed. These names will be acknowledged publicly. If you wish to honor someone yet remain anonymous, please let us know, and your anonymity will be protected. 

If you would like to make a large donation for a naming opportunity, please get in touch with George Orfanakos or Georgia Tsouvala to discuss.



How do you donate for the Student Center Renovation through the Alumni/ae Association? 

When you write a check, make it out to the “American School of Classical Studies at Athens” (ASCSA) and in the memo line write “Alumni/ae Loring Renovation.”  You may send the check to:

American School of Classical Studies
321 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-1515

Please remember to indicate “Alumni/ae Loring Renovation” on the memo line.

For donations through PayPal, also donate to ASCSA and indicate “Alumni/ae Loring Renovation.” Click here for the online donation page.

Do we still need to pay dues to the Association? 

Your dues will continue their current purposes of funding the annual summer school scholarship ($5,000) and meeting expenses such as the cost of annual meetings. So, please continue to pay your dues so we can fund this important work of the Alumni/ae Association, as well as making additional donations to the Association. 

Checks designated for dues are made to “ASCSA-AA,” i.e., directly to the Alumni/ae Association. If you have lapsed over a year or two, you may consider this an excellent opportunity to renew! Remember, by paying your dues you fund the Alumni/ae Summer Session Scholarship and defray meeting costs. 

If you have any friends from your time at the School who are not receiving Alumni/ae Association emails, please let them know about the Alumni/ae Association.