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Information for Subscribers

Hesperia is available in both print and electronic (PDF) editions. Individual subscribers are offered both the print and electronic versions while institutional subscribers may subscribe to the journal in print with access to the electronic edition, or solely to the electronic version of the journal. Online access is provided by JSTOR. The print edition is priced nominally higher than the electronic edition to cover the cost of postage. A variety of subscription options are available.


Individual subscribers to Hesperia will receive both the print journal and online access via JSTOR to the current issues of Hesperia. As an added benefit, they will also have access to the full run of the journal (from 1932 through the present), as well as access to PDF editions of books in the Hesperia Supplements, Corinth, and Agora series, which are also on JSTOR. All individual subscriptions are managed on behalf of the ASCSA by Turpin Distribution.


Print+Electronic: $100 


Print+Electronic: $45  

ASCSA Managing Committee Members

Print+Electronic: $60 

Online Access for Individuals

In order to access electronic subscriptions, individual subscribers must have MyJSTOR accounts. Subscribers to Hesperia will receive an email message from with a link to register for a MyJSTOR account or to log in with an existing account.

A MyJSTOR account allows users to:

  • access Hesperia subscriptions
  • register for Table of Contents (TOC) alerts
  • register for email alerts when new content matches saved search items
  • save, email, and export citations

Please direct any questions about online access to Hesperia to


Universities, colleges, research bodies, libraries, and other institutions that subscribe to Hesperia in either the print+electronic or electronic-only edition will receive online access to the current year’s issues as well as access to issues dating back to 2002 at no extra charge. Subscribers to print+electronic will also receive the current year’s issues in print. 

Turpin Distribution handles all print+electronic and direct electronic subscriptions to Hesperia. Institutions can also subscribe to current issues of Hesperia via one of two packages offered by JSTOR: CSP All and CSP Archaeology. Click here for more information on the Current Scholarship Program (CSP) and its packages.

If an institution requires access to the backfile (issues earlier than 2002), it may choose to subscribe to JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences II package, or it can opt for the Full Run option. Choosing “Full Run” allows an institution to subscribe directly to the complete run of the journal: current content and all back issues via JSTOR while also receiving current issues in print.

If an institution opts to enable digital access to the journal for its readers, it will need to provide JSTOR with an IP range sent via email to If students, staff, or faculty need to access Hesperia on JSTOR while traveling or working off-campus, they can request an individual access token by emailing

ASCSA Cooperating Institutions

ASCSA Cooperating Institutions are those that pay annual dues to the ASCSA. One of the benefits to becoming a Cooperating Institution is a reduced subscription rate to Hesperia. Institutions must make sure to specify that they are “Cooperating Institutions” to ensure that their discount is applied.

Print+Electronic $135  Electronic Only: $120

Non-Cooperating Institutions

Any institution that is not a Cooperating Institution may subscribe to Hesperia either directly or through an agent (e.g., EBSCO, etc.).

Print+Electronic $220  Electronic Only: $210

Full Run

Available to Cooperating and non-Cooperating Institutions.

Print+Electronic and Electronic Only: $325

Back issues

Print copies of back issues of Hesperia may be purchased from the ASCSA Publications Office. Contact via E-mail